Electric Corporate Car Sharing

Drive Green and Run your Business


Thought for Corporates

ReFeel eMobility is an innovative carsharing station-based service available to your employees and eventually employees of neighbouring businesses who share the same parking space, which brings businesses and employees closer to electrical mobility. A flexible, eco-sustainable and convenient solution in order to move around the city during your business day, and also for your leisure time.
Our cars are easily accessible because they are located directly within your business premises. You do not need to look for them because you already know where to find them.
Cars are hired directly through an app; at the end of the hire cars will be back to original parking place to be immediately available to the next user. Billing is handled automatically for private as well as for business customers. Credit card charges are associated with your user profile.


Our fleet is made up of electric vehicles so that you can enjoy the utmost flexibility of urban use of cars and the ultimate driving pleasure. That’s why we chose electric vehicles able to guarantee up to 200 km of city traffic and a full recharging time of one hour thanks to the use of our 22 kW charging stations.


The design of our cars communicates agility, dynamism and sympathy. Pure air, Zen interior and ideal temperature, you’re almost better in the car!


Our cars represent the state-of-the-art of technology for electric cars. In order to recharge, simply connect it to a charging point and the charger automatically adjusts to the available power.


Our cars are silent, but not boring, ecological, interconnected, easy to use … they will make you discover a new way of living your car. No more CO2, particulates, NOx and CO. The city frankly thanks.


Electricity is synonymous with true sustainability only when the energy used to recharge the cars is produced through the use of renewable energy sources. ReFeel eMobility guarantees a 100% renewable energy supply, thanks to our partner Building Energy, making your trip a unique experience with full respect for the environment.


How many private cars can we think of substituting for each new vehicle provided through Car Sharing?

Ten for each one in Car Sharing, some studies tell us. Which means that if we want to halve the number of cars in Milan, we need to have 35,000 Car Sharing vehicles available. For the moment we are at 2,000. We are optimistic: it’s a start.
So every ReFeel eMobility car eliminates 10 polluting cars – or rather pollutants in Italy – as well as freeing space for the population (less than one car unnecessarily parked in the street … 10 sqm by car (hence 100 sqm) stolen to the green, sidewalks and bike paths … and to our lungs!

Why us

If you are a company, a professional, a start-up that who wants to ‘outsource’ the fleet management, and make this cost totally variable, then ReFeel eMobility is the solution for you.

The start up of the service is simple and free. As a matter of fact, we deal with everything from the installation of charging systems to the positioning of cars, offering you the opportunity to co-brand our cars with your logo. Your company will only pay for the service based on the actual use of the car (pay per use).

For Companies
You are a company … And you want to:
  • Reduce the costs you sustain for the mobility of your employees and consultants;
  • Outsource the management of the car fleet;
  • Offer and benefit from an innovative service;
  • Reduce the emissions of your car fleet;
  • Improve the mobility and well-being of your employees.
For our partners
You are a business center or a management center …. And you want to:
  • Provide a new pay-per-use service for your guests and customers;
  • Improve the logistics of moving from and to your spaces;
  • Reduce emissions in your area.

How it works

Online registration is easy!
You just need your driving license and credit card. Download the app on your smartphone and manage all stages of the service with the utmost ease.
Once registered, you can also select the Business or Private profile depending on the use of the car you want to make, and which credit card to charge for the rental.

Available from September 2017

Hire one of the cars at your disposal directly through your smartphone. You can also check the level of battery charge of the vehicle before choosing it; otherwise we can suggest you the best option according to your specific needs!

Open the vehicle using your PIN, disconnect the cable from the charging station and start driving. You are ready to live a new urban mobility experience!

To end your rental, simply reconnect your car to one of our charging points and use your smartphone to close the doors.

Simple and intuitive!


Our service is paid per minute, without pre-charging and with variable rates specifically designed to meet any kind of need. Therefore, you pay only for the time you use the car, regardless of distance traveled. There are no other costs to worry about.

Fast Rates


First 90 Minutes and during the Week-end

Flat Rates


After 90 Minutes

Fast rates: for all rentals starting any time from Monday at 8:00 am to Friday at 18:00, for the firsts 90 Minutes, and for all rentals starting any time from Friday at 18.00 to  Monday at 8:00.

Flat rates: for all rentals starting any time from Monday at 8:00 am to Friday at 18:00, after the firsts 90 Minutes Rental.

Maximum daily rates *: 89.00 €

Evening rates **: 35.00 €

Weekend rates***: 99.00 €

* Valid for 24 hours, for rentals starting in the band from 8:00 to 18:00
** valid until 8:00, for rentals staring in the band from 18:00 to 8:00
*** valid until 8:00 on Monday, for rentals stating after Friday at 18:00

Included in the service

Maintenance and Cleaning

24/7 Help Desk



ZTL Access, Free Parking

Billing Manager

User Friendly Booking App

Keyless Technology Solution